From the very first day, Anar's main goal has been to demonstrate and educate everyone who's interested in a 3D character development and would've wished to find themselves working in the game or movie industry in the west.

Having worked at Naughty Dog in particular, Anar had realized what the industry of triple A gaming truly is like, and thus he desires to share not only his character creation knowledge and experience, but also share all the nuances that are related to the next generation of game production, internal politics of big companies and ways of getting into the industry. 

Founder / Instructor

Anar Ismayilov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. A long lasting love towards videogames had led him to start modeling 3D characters, and later opened up a new opportunity and passion - teaching.

From the recent projects, Anar has managed to work at Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment as a 3D character artist on the game The Last of Us Part II, as well as at Roarty Digital as a 3D modeler and Vertex School as an instructor of facial sculpting.

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Anar Ismayilov

3D Character Artist / Digital Sculptor

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