Learn how to model a full body 3D character from a primitive sphere in Zbrush and Photoshop in order to achieve a final illustration. 
Class 1:
Overall course and schedule overview, as well as what to expect in general during the classes. Everyone will choose an individual character for the development through out the course. Importance of the reference. Anatomy and Forms. Humans vs. Creatures.
Will start modeling the Primary Forms and Silhouette of the 3D character from a sphere, as well as start Blocking Out an approximate geometry for the hair, clothes/armor and accessories. 
Class 2:
Will begin working on the Secondary Forms.
Class 3:
Will be Breaking Down Symmetry, as well as start adding Large Scale Imperfections.
Will also be applying Small Details - Pores, Wrinkles, Veins and etc.
Class 4:
Clothes/Armor and Accessory modeling and detailing.
Class 5:
Texture and Shader creation for the whole model.
Class 6: 
Working with Fibermesh for hair and fur creation.
Class 7:
Will be Posing the model, Fixing the Forms and Proportions. Setting up the Lighting in the scene. Start Rendering the character in layers.
Class 8:
Compiling all layers in Photoshop to realize a final composition. Will be working with Photobashing and Texture Manipulation as well as  start getting into Post Production and Color Grading to achieve a desired look.
What you will learn:
This course is dedicated to everyone who has always wished to realize a full body 3D character with a high level of detail and full set of textures and shaders using Zbrush and Photoshop. Based on my own experience, I will teach you what it takes to model a realistic and unique character. Your final illustration of a posed model in Photoshop as well as all the sculpt screenshots from Zbrush will be shining confidently in your personal portfolio. 
By the end of the course, you will have:
- Improved knowledge of anatomy and forms in order to achieve visually adequate and appealing characters in full scale
- Skill to create textures and shaders for skin, clothes, armor and other accessories inside of Zbrush
- Ability to plan out and execute risky design ideas
- Understanding of Zbrush to Photoshop pipeline
- A new work in your portfolio with a full review and further critiques for improvement

Price: $299

Course's Length: 1 month / 2x a week

Required Software: Zbrush and Photoshop

Course begins on the 5th of April 2021

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