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Learn how to create realistic and highly detailed characters for videogames.​
Class 1:
Overall course and 3D game character creation production pipeline overview. Choosing an individual character to model. Significance of reference and concept. Facial anatomy and forms.
Will begin to establish Primary Forms and Silhouette as well as start adding a Blockmesh of hair, clothes and other possible accessories.
Class 2:
Will begin to implement Secondary Forms which will start giving a unique and individual look to the character.
Class 3:
Will be Breaking Down Symmetry and begin to add Big Scale Imperfections. Getting into developing Micro Details - pores, wrinkes and etc.
Class 4: 
Will be creating Textures for the face and eyes in Zbrush, Substance Painter and Photoshop.
Class 5:
Will be modeling Clothes/Armor, Accessories and etc.
Class 6: 
Clothes/armor and other accessory Retopology and UV's creation. Texture Creation for them in 
Substance Painter and Photoshop.
Class 7:
Hair/fur card creation.
Class 8:
Will be Exporting the model out into Marmoset Toolbag. Will be Baking Down all the textures for a
low-res model. Setting up Lighting in the scene. Will be executing a final Real-Time Render of the character.
What you will learn:
This course is for everyone who has always wished to start creating highly detailed 3D characters for videogames. You will learn the whole production pipeline for such characters and how to stay in a game oriented budget. In addition to that you will learn all the nuances on how most of your beloved videogame characters come to life in a production environment, and often under tight schedules. All of this and even more from a developer of a highly acclaimed and beloved PlayStation videogame - The Last of Us Part II.
By the end of the course, you will have:
- 3D game character pipeline and production understating
- Deep knowledge of facial anatomy
- Ability to create realistic textures for characters to be used in a game engine
- Technical potential in creating and working with hair cards, UV's and retopology tools
- A new work in your portfolio with a full review and further critiques for improvement

Price: $299

Course's length: 1 month/ 2x a week

Required Software: Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Marmoset Toolbag

Course begins on the 6th of April 2021

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